Solutions & Strategies: Education

Source reduction 
The term source reduction is used to describe those activities that decrease the amount (weight or volume) or toxicity of waste entering the solid waste stream. It also encompasses those activities that increase product durability, reusability and repairability. Prior to embarking on a program designed to promote source reduction to residents, municipal officials must first make sure that they lead by example. Therefore, a source reduction program for all municipal offices should be developed and implemented as a way to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

OTSIT Group will also partner with neighborhood associations to directly involve local citizens in the process: through education, awareness-raising and community-building activities on waste management.

The programs will teach residents how to sort organic and non-organic refuse, and how to make use of waste applying the principles of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Our educational programs will encourage residents to reduce the amount of waste that they generate and to separate recyclables more carefully.

We will provide Four types of Bins for waste collection and proper separation: Yellow Bins for paper, Red Bins for glass and metal, Blue Bins for plastic, Green Bins for organic waste.

Separation at source is key for our community to recycle as much waste as possible.