Smart Homes

Green Technology

Global expertise brought to manage local property issues & ongoing sustainable-focused property management systems and processes.

Use of leading-edge global green technology across renewable energy, water/sewage, lighting/heating/cooling, sustainable materials.

Ensuring sustainable energy use through:

  • Optimize & monitor energy consumption,
  • Optimize energy performance,
  • Monitor building energy,
  • Manage refrigerants and of use renewable energy.

Energy Modelling Software 

Energy modelling software provides versatile features for designing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings. Used in the early stages of the design process, it will allow us to identify and implement the most efficient and cost-saving energy systems. It also offers powerful energy analysis capabilities for comparing energy consumption and operating costs of design alternatives. Significant time savings are achieved. Input data and results from system design calculations can be used directly in energy studies.

We also carefully consider how the buildings we create will integrate with the surrounding ecological and urban landscapes and our aim is to reduce each building’s environmental impact.

Sustainable Water Use

Our green system saves a minimum of 50% water and water bill expenses yearly. We will implement strategies and technologies to reduce potable water consumed in the buildings:

  • Monitor water consumption
  • Reduce indoor potable water consumption
  • Practicing water-efficient irrigation